interior heath indoor excercise requirements

There are currently COVID-19 restrictions in place for the interior health region. Curling can continue to take place in a manner similar to Curling last season.


Our club is committed to ensuring as much as is possible the safety of our members during this ongoing health Crisis. Here you can find our clubs policies and protocols as well as other information related to Curling and COVID-19.

Here are the links to the McArthur Island Curling Club’s COVID-19 Policies:

Here are the links to the McArthur Island Curling Clubs Waivers:

Since the start of the pandemic, Curling Canada and Curl BC have been working hard to provide all Curling clubs with up to date and relevant guidelines on how we can participate in the sport safely. The McArthur Island Curling Clubs policies are in line with the recommendations laid out in this guide.