1. The name of this club shall be McArthur Island Curling Club and hereinafter referred to as “the club”.

2. The Constitution statement is: Promote the enjoyment of curling in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.



To promote the sport of curling to ensure availability to all in the future.



a. A Member shall be anyone who:
i. is desirous of aiding the objectives of the club:
ii. who curls in a registered league; and
iii. has paid memberships and other fees as shall be assessed by the Executive and in accordance with this bylaw.

b. The Executive shall have the power to and shall endeavor to encourage active membership in this club. They may also restrict any unsuitable or undesirable person from joining.

c. A membership in the club may be suspended at the discretion of at least three-quarters (3/4) of the Executive. Reason for the suspension of membership will be given to the recipient in writing; however, the suspension and reason thereof are subject to review at an Annual, Special or Regular General Meeting.


a. Any Member in good standing is eligible for election, appointment, or nomination to the Executive or any office in this club as provided in this bylaw.

b. Nominations for the Executive of the club shall be held each year at the Annual General Meeting.

c. A Member accepting a nomination shall sit on the Executive for a period of two (2) years at which time their term will be considered complete.

d. Members referred to in section 2.3 may be re-nominated when their two (2) year term is complete. This sentence applies to any two (2) year term.

e. Any Officer or Executive Member of the club may be removed by a majority vote of members present at a Regular, Special or other Meeting.


a. Voting on all matters shall be by show of hands, except when a secret ballot is demanded by one third (1/3) of the Members present.

b. Any ordinary motion or resolution shall be deemed passed if a majority of the Members present vote in favor of such motion or resolution.


a. The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) annually on the second Thursday of September.

b. The Executive of the club shall endeavor to meet once per month or as club business dictates. This meeting shall be referred to as a Regular General Meeting (RGM), or from time to time as an Executive Meeting.

c. Fifty per cent plus 1 (50%+1) Executive members including either the President or Vice-President will constitute a quorum for the purposes of holding an RGM or an Executive Meeting.

d. The membership of the club shall be advised a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to any General or Special Meeting by way of announcement by way of mail, email, text and/or social media sources.

e. A Special General Meeting of this club may be called at any time as decided by the Executive or as required by a fifty-one percent (51%) majority of the membership. One-third (1/3) of the active members comprising of at least three (3) Executives of the club shall constitute a quorum.

f. If any Executive member of the club does not attend three (3) consecutive meetings without good cause, this position shall be considered vacant and shall be filled at the discretion of the Executive until the next AGM.

g. At all meetings of the club, the conduct of business shall be as follows:

i. Call to order;
ii. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting;
iii. Manager’s report;
iv. Reports and recommendations of committees;
v. Old business;
vi. New business; and
vii. Adjournment and setting of date for next meeting.


a. The Executive of the club shall be formed from those members in good standing and accepting their nomination at the Annual General Meeting, as well as those members in good standing from the previous Executive with one year left to serve as per section 2.3.

b. The Executive shall hold an election of Officers at the first Executive Meeting after the AGM.

c. Officers of the club shall be as follows:
i. President
ii. Vice-President
iii. Secretary
iv. Treasurer
v. League Rep.
vi. Bonspiel Rep.
vii. Programs Rep.
viii. Directors at Large (Members not in positions a) through g) – not to
exceed three (3).
ix. Past President.

d. The duties of each Officer shall be as outlined in Schedule I.

e. Whenever a vacancy shall occur in any office of the Executive by way of death, resignation, or removal of the membership privileges, the vacancy shall be filled at the discretion of the Executive until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).


a. The annual membership fees shall be determined by the Executive and are listed in Schedule III.

b. Established annual membership fees are intended to cover annual operating costs.

c. Membership fees are payable on registration night.

d. Any team whose members have not paid their fees in full by October 31st will be charged an additional $25 per month until such time as the fees are paid in full.

e. Fees will be quoted by the team price. The team’s skip shall be responsible for the teams’ payment.


a. The bylaws of the club may be amended at any General, Special, or Annual meeting of the club by a special resolution adopted by a seventy five percent (75%) majority vote of the members of the club present.

b. A notice to amend any bylaw or to introduce a new one shall be given in writing at a meeting of the club previous to the meeting at which it is intended to be considered or circulated to members a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting at which it is intended to be considered.

c. The notice in section 7.2 shall be posted on the club bulletin board a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting at which it is intended to be considered.

d. Schedules I through IIII at the end of this by-law form part of the by-law.


a. This club shall maintain an affiliation with Curl BC. The club shall pay such fees as are necessary to retain this affiliation annually.

b. All members shall pay the affiliation fee regardless of membership at other clubs.

c. All rules shall consist of those of the nation governing curling body with the addition of the house rules listed in Schedule IV.

d. The Club shall be a registered member of the Societies Association of BC and will be governed by the rules and regulations of the Societies Act.

e. The club may, by a majority vote of members present at any Annual, General or other meeting, form an affiliation with any other organization to an extent not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-laws of this club.


a. In the event that the club should at any time cease to be, the remaining assets, after the payment of all debts and liabilities, shall be turned over to a recognized Canadian charitable organization in the province or elsewhere in Canada as directed by a majority vote of the members present at any Annual, General or other meeting.


1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and shall be ex-officio member of all committees, and shall perform all other duties as are incidental to the office of President.

2. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, exercise the functions of the President and shall be vested with all associated powers.

3. The Secretary shall have charge of all paper, keep such records, make such reports and perform such duties as are incidental to that office and properly requested of him by the club.

4. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the club, shall conduct its banking business and shall present his accounts when required to a committee of auditors of the club. Cheques drawn on any bank account shall be signed any three Executive members which are nominated or appointed to have signing authority at an executive meeting or at the Annual General Meeting.

5. The League Representative shall and report back to their respective organization all items of relevance to the operations of the Leagues both house and affiliated. They will also meet with all league reps to ensure matters required to be considered by the Board are tables on behalf of the leagues.

6. The Bonspiel Representative shall report back to their respective organization all items of relevance to the operation of the Bonspiels. They will also oversee all reporting of bonspiel budgets and ensure timely deposits of funds from bonspiels.

7. The Programs Rep. shall oversee all programs such as Learn to Curl to ensure they are run consistent with the values of the club, have adequate resources and are focused on promoting the sport of curling and membership to the club.

8. The Directors at Large shall participate in committees.

9. The Past President shall participate in committees.


1. When requested the Club will provide financial support to Teams representing
the Club as follows:

Adult Teams Amount per team
Local Event $500
Provincial Event $1500
National Event $5000

Junior Teams Amount per team
Provincial Event $500
National Event $1000

2. All Members of the Team must be Members in good standing and affiliated through MICC to qualify.

3. Teams with members from other clubs may apply for a portion of the funding but award amount is at the discretion of the Board.


a. RCMP $ 8,000/year
b. Seniors (Tue/Thu) $ 700/team/half season
c. Monday Fun: $ 700/team/half season
d. Tuesday Ladies: $ 1,400/team/season
e. Wednesday Super Seniors: $ 700/team/half season
f. Thursday Men: $ 1,400/team/season
g. Friday Doubles: $ 300/team/season

** Affiliation fee ($18) only paid once per player per season regardless of how many leagues one plays in.


1. Games shall be a maximum of 8 ends. All Teams should play for one hour and forty (1:40) minutes from scheduled start time. At the end of one hour and forty minutes complete the end you are in and play one more. An end is considered complete when the score has been determined.

2. In Doubles format all Teams should play one-hour from scheduled start time, at the end of the hour – play the end you are in and one more. An end is considered complete when the score has been determined.

3. When a team uses spares, the spares must play front end.