The Capital One Rocks & Rings program is available in Kamloops

What does the Capital One Rocks & Rings Program do for our students?

Our program will come to your school and take over your gym for the day. We provide all of the specialized equipment that is needed and ask only that some standard gym equipment be made available (16 hula hoops). The instructor will lead the students in a variety of fun, interactive, and physical activities for approximately 40 minutes. Classes will rotate through the gym on a schedule that the school sets up.

What grades? Can our whole school participate?

The program is best suited to students in grades 2-5. There is some leeway on either side of this so Kindergartners to Grade 7s can be included however the program will be adapted for these differences. Depending on the size of your school, it may be better to provide the program only for certain grades or classes, rather than trying to give every child an opportunity. The alternative is to book more than one day of the Rocks & Rings. We can accommodate up to 7 classes in one day, depending on the length of the school day and the class length as well.

What is the cost?

Thanks to the sponsorship of Capital One, we are able to keep the cost to the school very low. The cost to the school is $175 + HST for a full day of programming. If you are looking for less than a full day, please contact us directly to inquire as to the cost. This daily fee includes all the program materials and instructional time, graduation certificates and temporary tattoos for the students, and a ‘leave-behind’ school resource called “Getting Started in Curling”. This resource integrates curling into the elementary school curriculum in a variety of subject areas (language arts, mathematics, history, science, etc.)

Kathy Arnold is our volunteer contact at McArthur Island Curling Club. To book contact Kathy at or Andrew at